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anzili online shop

Everyone should be able to be able to see their vision of a thriving business come true.


This is how our story starts.

James our co-founder needed to start a fruits and honey business to support his growing family. After much challenge trying to put together the tools he needed to start, he sought help from his longtime friend, Dayvee. Together they worked to build a collection of tools to create a smooth process for customers. That’s when they both realized that many businesses could be going through the same challenges.

We built a team that understands what are the pains of any founder and business and creates an environment for success.

Our Mission

We build payment enabled tools that make commerce accessible

Complex technology or high costs shouldn’t be a factor when starting or scaling your business.

We build payment enabled tools that empower entrepreneurs and businesses. Tools that make the journey from dream to reality much shorter than imagined, we help you start.

Anzili started with a simple goal of helping everyone sell online and we keep enriching that goal with all the tools that not only help you to sell but to thrive.

Whether you sell chilies from your kitchen counter, or shoes from the back of your Vitz to the boutiques that employ many designers and traditional coffee factories. You all come first. At Anzili you’re all equal in our eyes. Your needs are different but the passion is the same.

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We are built to last, we are building for founders

Run your business, Own your customers.

Every founder knows why they started their business. For most its not just a means to earn a living, but it’s life itself. Most founders know their customers by name and know their specific tastes, unlike when you sell on a marketplace and none of those customers know you and vice versa.

Anzili helps you build a brand, a business, a vision.

To us, you’re not a number, you have a name. We’re family.

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